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Virtual event platform

White-Labeled Platform with your branding

Showcase your brand logo and colors at every touchpoint – from your invitation email to registration form, virtual platform, livestream, post-event content, and beyond. Build brand recognition and leave a lasting impression.

One-click guest authentication

Make it simple and frictionless for the attendees. Use our easy one-click access. Your guests will love it!

Works with your favorite Video CDN

GuestCloud lets you choose any video CDN that fits your needs. You can use Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook Live, or any other live streaming provider.

Language localizations

Reach your customers in a language they speak. Use our language-based personalization to communicate and stream an event to hosts in their native language.

Content personalization

Increase audience interaction and engage your attendees with personalized content to create a unique event experience. Reach different guest groups with the most relevant content for them.

Privacy control

Privacy is our topmost priority. You choose who can attend your events. All content and communication are transferred over SSL protocol. Video is streamed through secure RTMPS protocol. You can even turn on optional 2-factor SMS authentication for enhanced security.

Leverage feedback & analyze event data

Tie every decision back to the data. Gain insights into guests' behavior and collect feedback for your event. Observe guests' attendance, watching time, most visited content, and many other valuable insights. Download all your engagement statistics into Google Sheets or Excel files.


Sell tickets for your event

No need for third party ticket selling portals and providers. Sell tickets for your events directly to your Guests.

Stripe payment processor integration

Use the world’s biggest payment processor. Sell tickets to customers from across the globe with no effort.

Automatic invoice creation

GuestCloud issues invoices for you and your guests automatically, so you can focus on what matters.

No GuestCloud per attendee fee

There is no middle man. You create a stripe account with your company details and the money from the ticket sales goes directly to your bank account.

Event websites

Website for your event

An event website is a useful source of information for your guests. It can contain a registration form, details about the venue, event dates, map, countdown timer, automated weather forecast, detailed schedule and any other useful information according to your needs.

Registration forms and RSVP

A dynamic registration form or response buttons for guests to confirm/decline their attendance are usually a part of the event website too. It is an easy way to collect the required information.

Custom design

Design of your event website can be adjusted according to your graphic template. If necessary, we can design the graphic for you, based on the event characteristics.

Multiple languages and interactive content

We can prepare your microsite in multiple language versions. Microsite content and language is personalized. It is automatically loaded depending on the guest language and other attributes assigned in database.

Personalized mass communication

Simple invitation process for you event

Send your guests email invitations with RVSP buttons. After receiving an invitation, guests can confirm or decline their attendance in one click. A confirmation email including all event details is then automatically sent to the attending participants.

Personalized communication

The entire email communication is fully personalized. Emails are addressed to each guest individually through a personalized salutation and content. Invitations can be easily customized according to your event design manual.

Response rate overview

Collection of guest attendances and absences is automated. Responses are tracked in real time, ensuring event can be managed at ease. By tracking the RSVP progress in a clear dashboard, telling you who has responded or opened the invitation, GuestCloud saves you the time spent on organising the whole invitation process.

SMS messaging

SMS communication

Send personalized messages to your guests. Perfect for instant notifications, announcements, or any other use case you can come up with.

Guest notifications

Welcome your guests with automated and personalized text messages. A personal text message can greet your guests right after they check-in. Also, with text notifications you can keep your guests up to date, so they do not miss anything.

Text alerts for event organizers

Are you expecting a special guest, a speaker or a VIP? Set automated text alerts up to notify yourself of the important person's arrival.

Event check-in app

Checking guests in in few seconds

Paper registration at events is over! GuestCloud’s app enables a fast and simple guest check-in in less than 3 seconds per guest. Guests will never have to wait at the door again!

Reliability under all circumstances

Proved at hundreds of events for companies such as Hyundai, Shell, AT&T, ČSOB, Generali, Union, HB Reavis, Falck, Eset, VW, Orange, and more. The application runs seamlessly even if the wifi connection drops. Once service is restored, data is automatically resynced across all devices.

Secure and GDPR compliant

GuestCloud follows the latest data encryption standards and protocols to keep your data secure. Our IT structure is in compliance with the GDPR guidelines.

Identification by name or QR code scan

You can find and check-in guests in seconds thanks to a quick name search or a QR/bar code scan.

Name badge print on-site

Instant name badge print

Badges are instantly printed upon the attendee check-in, eliminating a endless search for the right badge in a bulk of badges printed beforehand.

No dragging preparations

No more badge printing and matching arrangements before the event.

Update the attendee list any time

Add new guests and edit attendee list in tablets directly on-site. This way professional badges can be printed for every attendee, even a latecomer.

Attendee signatures via tablets

Digital sign-in

With our app attendees can sign-in using tablets at arrival. A great solution if you need an indubitable proof of presence.

Data processing agreements

E-signatures at events can be used to obtain various types of agreements such as an informed consent for recordings and image. Your event can now adhere to one of the important GDPR guidelines.

Simple signature reports

All signatures are safely stored, allowing you to find any guest signature, from any of your events, whether it was yesterday or a year ago.

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